We deliver On Time Everytime

We are a privately owned independent packaging company set up to provide packaging materials, packaging solutions and cost savings to a select number of customers. We provide products to the highest quality level and to a level of service never before seen in this industry.

How do we achieve this?
  • 1
    Understanding your business

    By taking the time and effort to understand your business and requirements and by stocking product one month in advance of your needs (Three Month Rule applies).

  • 2
    Acting as an agent

    By acting as an agent for two of the largest and best producers in Europe.

  • 3
    Quality checking products

    By quality checking incoming product and reacting should a problem exist.

  • 4

    By constantly communicating with you in relation to our stocks and yours and in relation to changes in your schedules.

  • 5
    Proactively lowering costs

    By proactively driving cost down through clever design - towards lower overall costs.

  • 6
    On time, Every time

    By delivering "On Time, Everytime".