Corrugated boxes
Durable & versatile

Corrugated cardboard is easy to recognize. It is made of paper & has an arched layer, called "fluting," between smooth sheets, called "liners". There are many types of corrugated available, each with different flute sizes & thicknesses. Board with two sets of fluting is called double-wall & board with three sets of fluting is called tri-wall.

Corrugated is an extremely durable, versatile, innovative and lightweight material used for custom-manufactured shipping containers, packaging and point-of-purchase displays, in addition to numerous non-traditional applications ranging from pallets to children's toys to furniture.

Corrugated Fiberboard

Corrugated fiberboard, or combined board, has two main components: the linerboard and the medium. Both are made of a special kind of heavy paper called containerboard. Linerboard is the flat facing that adheres to the medium. The medium is the wavy, fluted paper in between the liners.

Commercial rolls and sheets are typically used to protect glass during transport.

Folder type boxes and trays usually consist of only one piece of board. The bottom of the box is hinged to form two or all side walls and the cover.

Interior fitments such as inside liners, pads, partitions, dividers etc.

Ready-glued cases consist of basically one piece, are shipped flay and are ready to use simply by popping them into shape.

Rigid-type boxes consist of two separate end pieces and a body and require stitching or a similar operation before they can be used.

Slide-type boxes consist of several pieces of liners and sleeves sliding in different directions into each other.

Slotted type boxes consist of basically one piece with a glued, stitched or taped manufacturers joint and top and bottom flaps. They are shipped flat, ready to use and require closing using the flaps provided plus tape.

Telescopic-type boxes consist of more than one piece and are characterised by a lid and/or a bottom telescoping over the body of the box.

Corrugated boxes: Commercial rolls and sheets

  • FEFCO 0100

    Commercial rolls & sheets FEFCO 0100
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    Single-Face corrugated paper is an extremely durable, versatile, innovative & lightweight material used as a protective wrapping. It provides very good protection from scratching & shocks. It can be provided in various width rolls or in sheet form.

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  • FEFCO 0110

    Commercial rolls & sheets FEFCO 0110
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    Corrugated sheets are used to convert into boxes, as pallet sheets to assist stacking strength, as interleafing sheets within boxes or on pallets of goods and/or as divisions.

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