Unmatched standards

We provide products to the highest quality level and to a level of service never before seen in this industry. We maintain this high standard by providing first-class designs, checking incoming product and reacting immediately should a problem exist.

How do we achieve this?
  • 1

    We are certified to FSC® and ISO9001:2015

  • 2

    We operate an Approved Vendor List and only purchase from ISO9001:2015 approved vendors.

  • 3

    We inspect incoming goods (random sampling).

  • 4
    Certificate of Conformance

    We receive Certificate of Conformance from all suppliers.

  • 5
    ISO 14001

    We operate to ISO 14001.

  • 6
    BRC/IOP approved

    Our primary suppliers are BRC/IOP approved companies.

  • 7
    First runs

    We supervise first runs to ensure the highest standards of quality are upheld.